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Increase followers on Twitter – How to Grow a Twitter account

How to Grow a Twitter account - 6 Steps to Increase Followers on Twitter

Twitter is definitely a strong social media platform for people involved in businesses. This can help you to increase followers on Twitter, get a bigger impact on your business, and build a connection with your targeted audience. 


Nowadays, to increase followers on Twitter with real followers requires structured tactics.

Want to know how to grow a Twitter account?

Well, by following my 6 successful and best steps to increase followers on Twitter, you’ll certainly know how to do it for your Twitter account.

6 Steps to Increase Followers on Twitter with Automation Tools

1. Find a Twitter automation software

There is a lot of varied Twitter automation software tools to help you grow your social media account. But these 4 tools that I will present you are my favorite. Automation software will help you save time. Practically, all these twitter marketing automation tools are designed to replace human actions with an automation natural behavior.

Jarvee is an automated social media management software that lets you manage multiple social media accounts among which Twitter. You can schedule your posts and set your actions with a lot of features included. The cost for the smallest pack is $30 /mo and you can manage up to 10 social accounts.

This is also my number one tool to increase followers on twitter for my customers using Twitter Growth Service

increase followers on twitter

A good alternative for Jarvee is Socinator. Pricing starts at $10 per month. They do not have a free trial.

how to grow a twitter account

You can increase followers on twitter with modules for auto-follow, auto-like, auto-comment.  A different interface, but with the same features as the others, and it is designed only for Twitter.

I think this is the easiest tool from this list, but it is also the most expensive. $99 per month, it is true that it has a lot of features and is used also for email marketing. 

how to grow a twitter account

2. Test the tools and choose what fits you

So… it’s your choice what kind of automation tool you should use. But keep in mind, you need some skills to dominate these tools before your first campaign. First of all, start with a fake account or with an account that you no longer use, because you can be banned by Twitter filters if you are doing a lot of actions without a small knowledge about how to grow a twitter account in safe.

Test, test, and re-test! And if you don’t want to risk, or you don’t have time to learn high skills for managing a Twitter account, then you should let a twitter growth manager for doing all the settings, all the job for you, with more experience and without the risk being banned from Twitter.

What actions you should use and what are the safest settings 

For the follow module, I recommend you to start with 5-9 follows actions per operation with a 30-60 seconds delay between each follow operation and 20-40 minutes between each new operation. Don’t follow more than 60 people in the first day. You can increase with 5-10 every day until you got a maximum of 140 actions /per day (safest zone). 

Unfollow module settings must be at least the same as follow module or even higher because in time you’ll want to have a better rate follow-unfollow. In the beginning, you will have more followings than followers, but along the way, the unfollow module will change the rate. 

Favorite – You can use this tool combined with the follow module. Why? Because you have the option to use in the same time with the follow tool. Let’s say you Follow a person, then you push the Favorite button. The person will receive a double notification, a better chance to follow you back. But you can also use the Favorite module separated for other keywords. 

Re-Tweet – You should re-tweet no more than 5-10 per day. A good statistic is that you should re-tweet 80% of others’ content and only 20% of your own content.

Contact – Use this tool to send thankful messages, don’t spam people! and more importantly, don’t contact people if they are not following you.

3. Rent a private/residential proxy (optional)

Firstly, a private proxy it’s a dedicated IP address that allows only one client to use it at any time. You can choose to use a proxy for your twitter campaign or not. This is optional if you are promoting only one personal account. But, if you intend to promote somewhere else account or multiple personal accounts, then you need residential or dedicated proxies.

What you need to know about social proxies

For good proxy research, you need to know what proxy is good for Twitter. Not all the proxies are good for social media, that’s why you need to test the proxy before you run a campaign. From my experience with Twitter accounts, the speed of the proxy must be under 1000ms (green side) and most important the location of the proxy must be in the country of the client.

Best safety proxies to increase followers on Twitter

They are fast, reliable, and cheap and they are specifically designed to be used on social media platforms. Also, Jarvee recommends HP proxies. 

They offer 10 proxies at $10 /mo . Limeproxies offers three choices of pricing packages to its clients. These packages consist of a default plan, premium plan, and plan for private proxies. 

Smart Proxies are one of the most powerful residential proxy networks with 40+ million residential IPs. Top-quality, location targeting, and low error rates.

4. Find your audience

The audience’s very important if you want to grow your Twitter account with targeted people or from a specific location.

Let’s say that your business area it’s in the real estate domain, and your location are in  Michigan! Then you must focus only on this location and in the near zone.

Keyword Research

Firstly, you must do keyword research. Take the keyword “real estate” and add your location at the end of the word “real estate Michigan”.

Go to Best-Hashtags tool and put your keyword there. 

Extract and combine some keywords

  • real estate michigan
  • homesale michigan
  • investment michigan
  • property michigan
  • house michigan
  • dream home michigan
  • real estate agent michigan

Go to Twitter Search

…and type a keyword

increase followers on twitter

Then look at profiles that reflect business in Real Estate Michigan

…and you need to go to their followers (and this is your possible audience).

5. Create content and post it daily

Graphic content on Twitter is an important element of any content marketing strategy. Because you can write in text only 140 characters, the graphic content it’s the most important thing if you want to increase followers on Twitter.

You can schedule your posts with the same tool that you use for actions. But, let me give you some sources to be able to create nice content.

Free Sources of graphic content

All these sources have also a free content, but for most of them you need to pay, but fortunately, you can use Downloader.la (a free tool for downloading premium images)

Free Content Creators

  • Spark Adobe – Adobe allows you to easily and quickly create your content for your business or project for free. You can edit text, add icons, change layout, add your own text and more. 
  • Canva – Is a tool with ample easy-to-use features and functionality that any person can generate a variety of attractive content. 

6. Send a Thankful message to every new follower

Sending a warm thanks message will definitely a good tactic to engage with people. This tactic can be used on autopilot with the automated tool. (most of them have indexed this option in features). Let’s say you have 20 new followers in 1 day, and you want to send them all a thankful message, but if you use the same message to all, you can be suspicious in twitter filters, and we don’t want that. but you can create a spyntax message.

Create a spyntax message

To avoid duplicate content penalties, you can use “Spyntax” (or Spintax) in your message. For example:

{Hi|Hello} [FIRSTNAME] , Thank you for following us!

ENK Marketing is a {quality|high-quality} Twitter growth {service|product} with a lot of positive factors to market your business, brand, or company.

Please {contact us|let us know|consult us} or {visit|check out|go to} our website to {find|discover} more https://enkmarketing.com

From this spyntax message, you can get up to 5 unique messages that will be rotated automated.

Put your link in the message

Describe your business in a few words and don’t forget to insert your URL in the message, this will generate traffic for your business easily.

Increase followers on Twitter - Conclusion

In conclusion, to market a business you need social media. Twitter is a very good solution to increase followers easily and generate traffic for your business. But I suggest you, if you intend to increase only one personal account, then appeal for a twitter manager. The cost of this entire process can be higher than the cost of hiring a twitter manager, so it is not worth it for a single account. But if you intend to grow multiple accounts, then go for it!

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