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pinterest growth service

Enk marketing experts work round the clock to help you grow your accounts, get real followers and engagements, all with minimal effort on your part.

Many niche businesses have been very successful using Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to grow your small business into an online powerhouse

What makes this service so successful is that we will only perform social actions on your targeted niche audience. Meaning we will only perform social actions on accounts, keywords and hashtags that you have personally chosen to target. This will absolutely explode your Pinterest engagement and growth. Needless to say, guaranteed success is inevitable!

Pinterest Growth Service

We’ll identify users on Pinterest who are likely to be interested in you or your business, and then regularly engage with them on your behalf. This will not only increase your Pinterest following and engagement, but also your brand awareness, web traffic and sales.

  • Reach People Daily by Following, Unfollowing people, Comments, Re-pins
  • Competitors Research and Analysis by Proper use of Hashtags
  • Location and Niche  Related Marketing for Targeted Followers
  • Posting Daily Pins on a Schedule with relevant content
  • Auto-Replies to New Followers
  • Properly Monitor and Analyze prospects
  • Full Statistics Report
  • Daily Followers in your niche (natural & organic pinterest growth)
  • Daily post with relevant content
  • Graphic design & Content creation for your Ad Promotions
  • Grow Your Account Organically and Increase in Sales (potentially)

Grow your Pinterest Today


$ 15 1 Month
  • Organic Audience
  • 100 Follow Actions / Day
  • All followers are Targeted
  • Unlimited Engagement
  • 20 Re-pins / Day
  • Boards Creation
  • Content Creation
  • 1 Daily Pin


$ 35 1 Month
  • Organic Audience
  • 150 Follow Actions / Day
  • All followers are Targeted
  • Unlimited Engagement
  • 50 Re-pins / Day
  • Boards Creations
  • Content Creation
  • 1 Daily Pin


$ 55 1 Month
  • Organic Audience
  • 300 Follow Actions / Day
  • All followers are Targeted
  • Unlimited Engagement
  • 80 Re-pins / Day
  • Boards Creation
  • Content Creation
  • 1 Daily Unique Pin


Yes, during the managing period we need pinterest username and password to launch and run the campaign, and don’t be worried! your account is safe.

You need to provide us details such as: your account age, your target audience, location, your targeted hashtags (to analyze and research your campaign), few of your competitors/similar accounts ,your website and a short message about your offer for your new audience.

Your followers are 100 % REAL people and they have interests in you or your business.

Yes. We  create also ad content and graphic images for your promotions, but only in premium pack

In Pinterest engagements and views are more important then followers, you may expect 50-100 or more followers per month, but your Impressions and audience engagements will be definitely higher.

No, all the people you follow will remain followed. We only unfollow profiles that we have followed during this Gig.

No, We don’t!