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Solo ads are a popular way for internet marketers to get their message out to large numbers of targeted prospects



Blast your AD to a custom and targeted email list, very targeted niche, to grow your business /to sale your product / to expose your promo Ad / or other purpose

Standard: First package will delivery your AD to only 1000 targeted emails / 1 time

  • You can try this pack if you are not sure to buy and you want a test for your campaign

Popular: The standard package will delivery your AD to 3000 targeted emails / 1 time

  • Popular package. Boost your product/ website/ business/ any

Premium: Premium package and my recommendation for you will delivery your AD to 10000 targeted emails / 1 time

  • BEST Campaign for your product/website/Promo AD
  • This will bring you more chances to increase your Email Open Rate and Click Rate , and of course, To SALE your product or to grow your business with potential affiliates / members

Example for targeted Niche categories:

1)Internet Marketing [mlm, affiliate programs, digital softwares, digital products …]

2)Clothes [children’s clothing, bed clothes, wedding, suits …]

3)Medical [dental, veterinary, clinics …]


10)Pets [cats, dogs, fish]


n) Any Category…[Almost any Sub-Category]

# You just need to send us the info details after you made the purchase


  1. Screenshot stats REPORT with your open and click rate after 2 Days of campaign
  2. Proof with the number of contact emails / you can see on how many emails your ad has blasted
  3. High quality 24/7 support!
  4. All the campaigns are 100% targeted to your domain ( business, web development, Seo ,art, technology, communications, pets,travel etc.)


  1. 99% Emails Delivered [ex: 9900 emails delivered]
  2. 10% Emails Opened in first Day of campaign [1000 emails opened/premium package]
  3. 1% Clicks Rate in first Day of campaign [100 clicks /premium package]
  4. WE cannot guarantee Sales! [This will hold by you, if your website are well optimized for customers. I can not control the visitor’s buying behavior]


  1. Our offer will cannot multiplied your order for a same niche category (ex. You want to order 3 times, and you expect to receive 30,000 email blasts for the same niche) – NO ! It’s not posible! If you buy 3 / you need to have 3 different ad categories; BUT (2)
  2. If you want to purchase multiplied , you can Order now for how many promo you wish for your entire campaign, but the solo ad will be blasted after 48h on the same list (maximum 10,000 emails), not earlier, because we don’t want spamming. [EX: You buy 3 quantities / you have 1 niche category / Your AD will be send in 3 periods (day 1 – day 2 – day 3 – 48h between days]
  3. No Porn and Gambling!

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