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Twitter Growth Service


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Plans & Pricing

$45.00 / month

Starter Plan

30 days management

$75.00 / month

Pro Plan

30 days management

All Starter Plan Features

$95.00 / month

Premium Plan

30 days management

All Starter Plan Features

What Customers are saying about Twitter Growth Service

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I did the starter version and I am pleased with the results. ENK was able to fulfill its promise to boost my Twitter followers so now more people know about my business. I highly recommend them.
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Great service delivered as promised and I have more followers and potential customers because of this twitter growth service. Will continue to use the service bi-monthly
Supra Charger
Supra Charger@chargersupra
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Great person always able to contact quickly. Delivered as promised. An all around great guy.
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Very cool guy who is willing to assist you in growing your account organically. Understands different situations & is willing to help you no matter what I would highly recommend his services & will be a recurring purchaser!


Yes, during the managing period we need Twitter username & password to launch and run the campaign. Don’t worry, your account is safe with us.

You need to provide us details such as: your target audience, location, hashtags, a few of your competitors/similar accounts (to analyze and research your audience).

We cannot guarantee a specific number of followers, since we cannot control people’s behavior, but we can guarantee that our actions are targeted to people with potential interest in your business. Also, keep in mind that your niche and the appearance of your profile can be the key to more engagements.

Yes, we create social posts with original text, premium images and hashtags related to your business. Up to 10 Posts / Month. But only if you choose our Extra1 plan.