YouTube Channel Growth Service

YouTube Organic Promotions to a targeted audience on Social Media

About YouTube Channel Growth Service

YouTube Channel Growth Service is a promotion service for YouTube channels.

We generate traffic by sharing your channel URL through direct messages to a targeted audience.

All the followers who receive our messages are organic people with interests in your channel niche, and that factor will increase the chances for people to click, watch and subscribe.


Increase Watch Time

Increase your engagements and watch time.

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Real Subscribers

Gain Real Subscribers, No Fake No Bots.


Targeted Audience

Audiences with interest in your niche.


Gain Popularity

Right people discover your channel.

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Organic Subscribers

Get more Real Subscribers for your Channel

Get more Engagements

Grow your Channel authority

Get more natural Likes & Comments

Better engage with other YouTubers

Traffic Strategy

Since our Traffic is generated from Social Media, especially Twitter, below we present you our Strategy.


Step 1

We’ll identify users who may be interested in your channel. So carefully we'll do a research for people with interests in your niche.


Step 2

We'll share your Channel URL to our followers by sending direct messages to them with a warm welcome intro and a short text about your channel.


Step 3

In less than 48 hours, you'll start getting your first subscribers. We'll also send you a full report at the end of the campaign with screenshots of people's reactions, click stats, and all direct messages sent by us.

Plans & Pricing

YouTube 100

10 Days Delivery
$ 15
  • 100 Direct Messages
  • Targeted People
  • 6%+ Subscribers
  • $0.15 / Message

YouTube 500

21 Days Delivery
$ 55
  • 500 Direct Messages
  • Targeted People
  • 6%+ Subscribers
  • $0.11 / Message

YouTube 1000

30 Days Delivery
$ 95
  • 1000 Direct Messages
  • Targeted People
  • 6%+ Subscribers
  • $0.095 / Message

Targeted Audience

We cannot guarantee a specific number of subscribers, but we can guarantee 6%+ of messages will be converted into subscribers. Also, keep in mind that your niche and the appearance of your profile can be the key to high conversions.

What Customers are saying about 'YouTube Growth Service'

Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor
Very happy with this service
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Very happy with this service. Professional and available to answer questions that I've had. I would recommend this service to friends that are interested.
Chaotic Syfer
Chaotic Syfer
Very organized
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Very organized, reliable, easy to understand and will talk to you about the process. I like that there is a report at the end. Very very good job!
Daniel Crocker
Daniel Crocker
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Excellent. Real viewers, comments, etc. They send a report to show you exactly how they did it (which is awesome). I'll be using them again in the near future. Recommended.
Philippe Thibeault
Philippe Thibeault
Great service, definitely recommend
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Enk Marketing was great and easy to work with. They seem to have provided some good, organic and real subscribers at a very reasonable price. Communication was easy and thorough.The only reason I can't give a full 5 stars is because I find the tracking of results could be better. This may be Youtube's fault, but it is difficult to know exactly how many subscribers came from this service.Otherwise, absolutely perfect.
Yuki Ato Narayan
Yuki Ato Narayan
Your job is really organic.
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Your job is really organic. Many thanks for your reports. Your job is really organic. I’m satisfied with this results. I would like to ask marketing you soon again. Thanks again for your help.


No, we don’t need your YouTube credentials. Since the traffic is from an outside source.

We need to know your target audience, few hashtags about your niche, some words about your channel.

Yes! They are reals, no bots, no fake. We only generate traffic from real sources with a real audience. About permanent we don’t know that because we cannot control your subs’ actions. But once they subscribed to you, we believe that 95% will not unsubscribe anymore if you do not change the channel niche.

We guarantee a minimum of subscribers/clicks for each plan. If the monthly campaign ends without hitting goals, we’ll keep running your campaign until you’ll get all the clicks or subscribers, without paying more. Please take into consideration that your niche and the appearance of your channel can be essential in conversions.

Yes. We are tracking the clicks with bitly (traffic only from Twitter), but you can also track the subscribers from Youtube Studio (Advanced Mode).