Terms & Conditions

Shop Policy

1.Requested info for orders will be communicated to your EMAIL in the shortest time. So please be active on Email when your order has been placed.

2. You have maximum 14 days for sending us the order details, in other way your money will be returned.

3. You can stop the campaign or the service anytime you wish, just send us a PM ! We guarantee professionalism, but if you’re not completely satisfied you will get full refund without no question.

4. Refunds will be return in maximum 7 days in case the service has: delay, errors, does not respect the terms from description, customer ask for refund, provider cannot honored the order from any other reason.


ENK Marketing Bonuses

1.To claim our Premium Bonuses you must buy at least 1 software/course or product through our links.

2.Bonuses have licenses for utilization, but you cannot resell it.

3.Plugins, themes, courses or other publications may not be on last version of the producer, so.. updates cannot be possible automatically (for updates you need to make a personal request to us)

4.We’ll try hard to publish latest updates for our bonuses

5.Bonus pack contains 3 packages [#1 Free Bonus / #2 For users who purchased a software or a course / #3 For users with $200+ Sales]

Vendor Bonuses

6.The vendor bonuses are another bonuses that you can claim it if you choose to buy through our links.

7.Vendor bonuses are different for each software and depends of the vendors policy

8.Some vendors can put you to choose a fixed number of bonuses from a list (not the entire list)

9.For every vendor bonuses you will get support for claiming the bonus