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This project is presented as a success story within the “Education” niche. It was initiated over a year ago, but the provided statistics are from the past month. It’s important to note that statistics for new projects may vary. Building a comprehensive network takes time, and, of course, the business niche or product must be of high quality or appealing to the target audience.

Campaign Period:
Feb 9, 2024 - March 10, 2024
Client Niche:

Accounts Statistics - Part 1

Here, you can view the statistics of our automated actions over a one-month period.

Accounts Statistics - Part 2

Monthly statistics for sharing posts in targeted groups we’ve joined.

Accounts Statistics - Part 3

Here, you can view the daily statistics of our automated actions.

Posts Share Campaign

Shares on Groups
New Followers
Post Reach
0 K

In these reports, you can observe the impact of our organic shares campaign over periods of 30 days and 90 days, as well as the audience location by cities.

Organic Campaign
Targeted Audience
Audience Location
Original Content

A perspective on the organic reach impacted by our post shares over a 1-month and 3-month period.

Let's go deeper into the process

Finding our target audience, configuring the modules, and discovering groups

Extraction of User IDs by Location

Given that our targeted audience is located in the UK, we utilize extractor tools to identify this specific audience. Subsequently, we filter the audience by cities.

Friend Requests and Direct Messaging modules

Setting up audience addition for friend requests and automated messages for those who accept the requests.

Group Discovery and Custom Filters

Configuring Criteria to Identify Target Groups: Utilizing keyword searches, assessing the number of members, and distinguishing between public and private groups

We also double-check the targeted groups and add Tags through advanced filters.

Inviting friends to follow a page or join a specific group

Organically, your page will see an increase in followers, or your group will grow with new members.

The Reports

What monthly reports our customers get