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Facebook Growth Service

Facebook Growth Service


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Facebook Campaign Plans

$45.00 / month

Starter Plan

30 days management

$70.00 / month

Pro Plan

30 days management

All Starter Plan Features

$110.00 / month

Premium Plan

30 days management

All Pro Plan Features

FB Ad Plan 1

Simple post




FB Ad Plan 2

Carousel Post




Extra FB Accounts

$20/per acc

30 days management

Multiple accounts


Our Clients Reviews

Craig TaylorVery happy with this service
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Very happy with this service. Professional and available to answer questions that I've had. I would recommend this service to friends that are interested.
Sukhayu Wellness
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Professional, polite - highly recommend. Did an excellent job!
Anu Verma
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Excellent growth seen on my socials, really happy with the results and I look forward to continuing with our next project
Chaotic SyferVery organized
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Very organized, reliable, easy to understand and will talk to you about the process. I like that there is a report at the end. Very very good job!
Yuki Ato NarayanYour job is really organic.
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Your job is really organic. Many thanks for your reports. Your job is really organic. I’m satisfied with this results. I would like to ask marketing you soon again. Thanks again for your help.


Yes, for us to create either organic or paid campaigns, we require access to your Facebook page. Please provide us with the username and password. Rest assured, your account’s security is our top priority.

For us to effectively tailor your campaigns, we need some additional information. Please provide the following details: your target audience, the geographical location of your audience, any relevant hashtags, a brief description of your business, your website, and any competitors or similar accounts.

We can’t promise a specific number of followers or conversions because these depend on factors outside of our control, such as people’s behaviors. However, we can ensure that our strategies target individuals who are likely to be interested in your business. It’s important to note that your particular niche and the aesthetics of your page or profile can significantly influence engagement and conversion rates.

Yes, if you choose our Premium plan, we create up to 4 social media posts per month. These posts include original text, premium images, and hashtags that are relevant to your business.

To avoid surpassing the post limit and encountering issues with Facebook’s algorithm, we limit ourselves to 7 shares per day per account, and 30-35 shares per week. The more accounts we manage, the more shares will be distributed.